Orange County, FL Teachers Deserve To Make A Minimum of $50,000 per year.

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Our Teachers Deserve Better

Everyday Teachers in Orange County, FL are providing children in the classroom with a World Class education.  They strive to provide each student with the knowledge, skills and abilities that they'll need to achieve success in their educational careers and in life.  Each student receives individualized attention to address their individual needs as a student.  Throughout the year these teachers are investing their time, energy and their own money into each student that walks into their classroom.  

Each teacher has earned a minimum of a Bachelors degree prior to being hired as a teacher.  From there they can specialize in several areas to help with certain needs students may have.  They can also go on to earn a Masters degree so that they can further meet certain students needs or move up into Administrative positions.  During their coursework for these degrees they learn educational techniques, technology, course design/delivery and a variety of other skills that they use in the classroom everyday. 

In Orange County, FL teachers are paid roughly $40,000 per year.  The last raise that they received equated to $13 per check which added up to $286 for the year.  This was considered a win by the teachers.  They shouldn't have to work really hard to negotiate a $13 per check raise that they are then content with because they know a real, meaningful raise isn't a possibility. 

They start at 7:45am and work until 3:20pm each day.  This is the standard workday.  However, due to the demands placed upon them by the Orange County, FL School Board , they work additional hours everyday for free.  They must do this to meet the needs placed upon them otherwise they're disciplined for not having achieved what was asked of them.  Some of the teachers arrive early to their job to get this done, some stay until sundown or later and others take their work home with them during the workweek and into the weekend.  

These additional hours, worked for free, was what made it possible for Orange County Public Schools to earn the District Accreditation From AdvanceED for its best practices in the education field in 2015.  Had these teachers simply taught the bare minimum, not put in the extra hours for free and hadn't cared about your child's education, this wouldn't have been possible. 

It's time for this to stop and for the teachers to be compensated appropriately considering their education level, skills and abilities as teachers.  They deserve better.  

At a minimum, Teachers in Orange County, FL need to be paid $50,000 per year, starting immediately.  

Orange County Public Schools will benefit from this by noticing a reduction in turnover rates for teachers, a reduction in the ever increasing demand for substitute teachers and an increase in morale for the teachers throughout Orange County which directly translates into a better teaching environment for our children.  This can be accomplished by changing the priorities of Orange County's budget for it's schools to put teachers first.

Please sign this petition to raise the minimum pay to $50,000 per year for our teachers in Orange County, FL because they deserve better. 

Thank you for your time. Take Care. 

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