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Remove Mayor Sylvester Turner for Supporting Illegal Immigration.

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Mayor Sylvester Turner need to be removed ASAP because he doesn't understand the negative impacts that has been caused by supporting illegal immigration. Mayor Turner is more focused on helping illegal immigrants rather than helping the homeless in our city. 

"Last week, in an interview with a reporter from the Houston Chronicle, Mayor Sylvester Turner responded to State Senate Bill 4, which would defund those cities that refuse to comply with detention requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Keeping ICE in the cold, Mayor Turner stated several times that city compliance with such demands "are not going to happen."

"This week, the Texas Senate gave its approval to a bill, known as SB4, which would punish local governments that don’t enforce federal immigration laws.

The punishment would come in the form of losing state grant funding and facing potential civil fines."

Mayor Turner could care less about losing state grant fund because our city just held the Super Bowl 2017. Mayor Turner: "Super Bowl was 'perfecto,' leaving $350 million to city."

Mayor Turner: "I said that we would unveil a holistic, comprehensive plan,” Turner said. “I intend to do that the week of February 6th."

Our "Tent City" of homeless is getting worse and needs immediate attention and awareness! Star of Hope Homeless shelter nearby has a limit capacity and strict rules such as waking up at 5AM, not to mention their poor disgusting bathrooms for overnight homeless people. With all the money our city received from the Super Bowl, we need a different comforting shelter for the homeless with less restrictions. 

"Mayor Sylvester Turner missed his self-appointed deadline to reveal his plans for handling Houston’s homeless problem."

 Houston has the largest diversity in the USA and our crime rate is outrageous. "You'll find that the rate of crime in Houston, TX averages 65% higher than the rest of Texas while the rate of crime on a national scale is 88% higher than. You'll find that the occurrence of violent crime in Houston, TX is 135% higher than the average rate of crime in Texas and 159% higher than the rest of the nation."

Mayor Turner: "HPD is not the Immigration and Naturalization Service. We don’t profile, and we are not going to start profiling people to determine whether they are here illegally. It hasn’t happened under previous mayors, and it will not happen under my administration."

Mayor Turner doesn't understand that some illegal immigrants are breaking the laws, committing crimes, dropping bodies, and driving every day without a driver license, insurance, or proper education on the importance of PUBLIC SAFETY. Arresting illegal immigrants and then letting them go back in the streets to continue committing more crime is UNACCEPTABLE and inconsiderate to the public safety. It has got to stop, starting with the mayor's removal.

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