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Residents for safe travel and living on Ravenshoe rd.

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 As a lifelong resident of Georgina, I have watched our community grow rapidly. With the expansion of the 404 to Woodbine avenue we have seen our infrastructure strained greatly. All to many times our community has the unfortunate distinction of being host to catastrophic accidents. Most recently a double fatality with multiple serious injuries. These almost always occurring on Regional roads (Woodbine/Ravenshoe) and the Provincial highway 48. I want to be very clear that we the residents are not gathering to lay blame. We understand the town, region and yrp are working to find a solution. I have been made aware since forming this petition that a study is on going. 

 The current roads were never designed to handle the traffic loads we are experiencing. 

  We all have been touched in some way by the devastating  impacts of these accidents and unsafe conditions in these roads. Personally my brother was rear ended by another vehicle while at a red light at Woodbine and Ravenshoe. His vehicle was totalled along with his confidence in driving these roads. I have family in the hamlet between Warden and Kennedy. The speed limit in that area is 60km/h. I have personally witnessed walls shaking and pictures falling from high flows of traffic and exceeded speed limits. The point is that we all know someone who is affected by this.

 We as a community need to ask those empowered with bringing change and safety what they believe a life is worth. In a time when more and more residents feel their voices are not being truly heard it's time to stand together. Time to join together and demand better for our families and friends. Please sign and state your desire for a better tomorrow for everyone.

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