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How do legal land owners defend their rights from being deprived of their Federal constitutional right?

The Land Acquisition Act was served upon this oldest residential estate in Johor Bahru, Kim Teng Park, twice in four years!

The first attempt was aborted through political intervention in 2015.

The second attempt, now in 2019, on the same grounds in favor of a private development entity with dubious terms as to the proposed development itself.

The affected multi ethnic community was establish in 1959.

We are a mature community with a high majority of retirees.

If our properties are taken by the government of the day:

1.       We are unable to secure a suitable replacement property at such a convenient location.  For those elderly like us, we need convenient access to medical facilities and amenities.

2.       We are unable to access banking facilities as most are retired, and our age disqualifies us from banking assistance to purchase another equivalent unit.

3.       The compensation by way of government land acquisition falls far short of the potential value of the properties.

4.       We stand to lose a greater deal if our land is acquired in favor of the private development entity.

Our properties are classified as FREEHOLD PROPERTIESArticle 13 of the Federal Constitution provides for an individual’s right to property:

13(1) – No person shall be deprived of property save in accordance with the law

13(2) – No law shall provide for the compulsory use of acquisition of property without adequate compensation.

We, the vulnerable, are aggrieved that our properties being acquired at a massive discount in favor of the private development entity.

WE PETITION AGAINST ANY FORM OF LAND GRAB which violates Federal Constitution Article 13.