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Cleaning up Illegal Hawkers in Doornpoort, Sinoville, Montana areas of the City of Tshwane

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Good day,

As indicated on 14 July we wish to submit a petition with 480 Signatures (246 Electronic and 234 Handwritten) to the Petitions Committee to obtain the City of Tshwane’s commitment to cleaning up the neighbourhood of the areas North of the Magalies. We would like to share with you that the community is tired and fed up of the dirt, noise, unsightliness, safety risks, health risks and the unsavoury smells that surround this situation. We would again like to be proud of our neighbourhood and feel safe in the environment.
The Petition for Action:
Area of Concern - Area North of the Magalies between the Apies River and the N1 Highway
As the Residents Association our focus is to include all the areas the areas North of the Magalies, East of the Apies River and West of the N1 highway which is the area covered in our resident’s associations constitution although we believe that the greate Tshwane would benefit from such measures:

a) Doornpoort
b) Montana/Montana Tuine
c) Annlin
d) Sinoville
e) Magalieskruin
f) Wonderboom
g) Cynthiavale
h) Small holdings north of Doornpoort
• Throughout the northern areas of Montana, Sinoville, Doornpoort and surrounding areas there has been a significant increase in the hawker activities. One of the areas of major concern are the corners of Dr Swanepoel, Airport and Amandelboom which as become an unsightly and unacceptable environment.
• Corners of Dr Swanepoel, Amandelboom, Airport Road sidewalks are used as "factories", dumpsites, toilets, sleeping place, "dirt bins". This problem however is not only on these corners but can be seen across numerous streets in this neighbourhood.
Concerns regarding illegal and unregulated hawking
• 2017 has been the worst seen in this area. No action is taken by the City of Tshwane to stop the hawkers from, not only continuing, but escalating the size of these operations. In fact, I recently passed the Airport/Dr Swanepoel intersection and Metro police were pulling cars over and fining them, but did absolutely nothing about the mess and the illegal hawkers behind them. This sends a message to the hawkers/manufacturers that they are in the clear and that their actions are okay.
• We are faced with a unacceptable, sizeable hawker problem that is escalating beyond control.
• This is not only unsightly, but devaluing the area, a safety risk and a health risk as there are no ablution areas for these hawkers and a downright shameful, embarrassing situation for the residents living in this area.
• Some of the bordering houses have started "restaurants", selling food to some of the hawkers but also to passers by. This is adding to the problem and we believe is a direct contravention of the by-laws. Photo of the menu on a black board on the gate is included)
• The open public areas are used for sanitary and ablution purposes.
• The waste from the products made, their living, cooking and other trash is left to lie across these areas creating an extremely unsightly situation
• Pangas are used to clean the reads that are used by some of the hawkers, can and should such “tools/weapons” be allowed?
• Trees in the area (There were quite a number of trees in the past) have disappeared, cut off by the hawkers for use in their good or for firewood.
• A large majority of the hawkers live, eat and sleep on these sites. At dusk the makeshift shacks are erected with plastic sheets or some of the gooden panels shacked up to create a shelter. In the evenings one can see the fires burning as the prepare the meals and keep warm. In the morning one oftens sees them breaking down the shelter or in summer washing themselves in public!
• Trucks are regularly seen dropping off “stock” and picking up completed goods which they then take to other areas to sell on street corners. Dr Swanepoel does therefore seem to have become a manufacturing “hub”
We respectfully request the following:
1. URGENT regulations be put in place and IMPLEMENTED stringently to ensure that this can be cleaned up and that is will not reoccur consistently.
2. A mass clean up and removal of the hawkers and the pollution left by them. Please come and clean up in the interim anyway please while the regulations are implemented.
3. Maintaining the area through regular visits from the relevant authorities to ensure that they operations of the hawkers don’t resurface
4. Doing regular clean up visit ensuring that the parks and grass is kept neat. If this is in place and neat this would not be an area that lends itself to such behaviour as people need to realise that we take a pride in our neighbourhood and will not tolerate dirt and grime.
Having said this all of this, creating a living and job creation is commenable but the way it is conducted with unsightly and untidy street manufacturing, and no signs an attempt to clean up of major concern.
We would like to suggest as a solution
1. We request that regulations with licenses to trade within specific parameters and measures be implemented. Through strict regulation and implementation of the regulations it may be that hawkers can be allowed to sell goods but take responsibility to keep the area clean and to disallow any form of manufacturing of goods in these public areas which would disturb or pollute the area. Should they not adhere to the standards their right to trade should be revisited.
2. We would like to suggest that the City of Tshwane assist the hawkers with alternate solutions away from the residential areas were the hawkers can continue their trade and income generation.
We formally request that the City of Tshwane take action to remove the hawkers and to clean up the area as matter of urgency. A response to this would be expected within 7 days.
Kind Regards
Doornpoort Residents Association Incorporating the areas North of the Magalies


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