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EVERY Train that passes a crossing of any type, MUST by Procedure, Sound their Horn Multiple times PRIOR to the Railroad Crossing. Unless they are in a Designated "QUIET ZONE", with the Exception of Safety Issues or if the Train Engineer deems it necessary for the protection of the Train or Cars/Pedestrians/Animals on or near the Tracks.

It has come to the attention of many living in or visiting ACTON, CA that the many trains that pass through this small town are growing in number. MetroLink, AmTrack, and Multiple Rail Freight Lines have increased and are in-fact going to increase in the Future.

We, The residents (and Visitors camping within FEET of the Railroad tracks at the local campgrounds), hear the Freight trains all through the night, as well as the AmTrack and Commuter trains starting as early as 4 am daily!

TRAIN QUIET ZONES In general terms, a Quiet Zone may be established after implementing safety improvements that provide the same level of risk reduction as would otherwise be provided by the train horn. A Quiet Zone can be one crossing in a community, or several consecutive crossings in one or more communities. A Quiet Zone can be created along corridors shared by both railroad and rail transit.

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Train Horn Rule (49 CFR Part 222) became effective on June 24, 2005.  This rule provides a step-by-step process to determine what can be done to offset the lack of a train horn, to calculate the risk reduction associated with potential improvements, to formally document the silencing of the train horns and officially establish a Quiet Zone.

A List of Previous "Railway Modifications" to include Quiet Zones.

The Town of Acton would like your support to see who all is interested in Establishing a Quiet Zone Through the Town of Acton. This would not eliminate Train Horns, but lessen them to when they are only absolutely necessary.

If you have Concerns regarding this issue, please feel free to politely share your views with the Acton Town Council at their Bi-Weekly meetings or with Council Member in Charge of investigating this issue: Mr. Peters at

Those affected; Campers and visitors, and especially Residents of Acton, CA are encouraged to sign the petition if YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE A QUIET ZONE FOR TRAINS ESTABLISHED IN ACTON, CA. 

Thank you for your Support!




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