Oppose to the proposed changes to transport service in Ma Wan by PITCL 反對珀客更改馬灣出入交通服務

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Ma Wan is an outlying island which relies heavily on sea supplemented by land transport to take people in and out of the island to work, commune, for medical and other needs.  PITCL the sole operator of the transport services, propose to cancel certain day time ferry services to and from Central, certain day time land transport to and from the airport, and all midnight transport to and from Tsing Yi*. 


This will substantially affect the ability to be linked to the city by Ma Wan residents who needs to work non-office hours, midnight shifts, seek medical services by humans and pets from this pet-friendly island.


Transportation is a necessity. It is a support which is needed by citizens who have chosen to live in a particular location.  The Tsuen Wan ferry services had already been significantly cut down in the last few years which had already seriously and advsersely affected the remaining land transport to and from the island to Tsuen Wan.


As a resident and owner of Ma Wan and in Park Island, please sign this petition to demonstrate to the government including the Transport Department that YOU REALLY CARE! We do not care the consequence yet because without your voice, there will be no consequence!

作為馬灣及珀麗灣的居民及業主,請您們簽署這一份呈請書,好讓政府包括運輸署知道 你是十分關心 這一次的事件的。我們暫且不要為結果而憂心,因為如果大家連聯署表達自己的關心都不願意做,我們將不會有結果!


  1. Midnight buses to and from Tsing Yi from 0100-0545 ALL CANCELLED 深宵0100-0545來往馬灣及青衣巴士全部取消
  2. Daytime buses to and from Airport from 1000-1700 TRIMMED DOWN from twice per hour to once per hour 日間來往馬灣及機場巴士由每半小時一班減至每一小時一班
  3. CANCELLED ALL FERRIES from Park Island to Central after 0930 and until 1600 on non-PH weekdays 在非假日的週一至五,0930後至1600內由珀麗灣開往中環的渡輪全部取消
  4. CANCELLED ALL FERRIES from Central after 1000 and until 1630 on non-PH weekdays 在非假日的週一至五,1000後至1630內由中環開往珀麗灣的渡輪全部取消