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Join the fight! No monster power lines in Monmouth County!

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AMENDED: August 9, 2016:

JCP&L has officially filed for approval to construct a 10-mile-long, 230kV high voltage power line directly alongside the NJ TRANSIT North Jersey Coast Line, from the Matawan-Aberdeen rail station to the Red Bank rail station.

Their proposed plan calls for over 100 monopoles to be put alongside the train tracks, approximately 500 feet apart, to support a 230,000 volt power line. The poles would range in height from 130’ (13 stories) high to 210’ (21 stories) high. The project is estimated to cost $111 million, and this cost will be passed on to the ratepayers of NJ via electric rate increases on monthly bills.

The proposed route runs through a very densely populated area of Monmouth County, NJ -- there are over 400 families whose homes directly abut the route, and thousands more who live within very close proximity. The route also runs alongside 3 elementary schools, 2 senior living communities, and a nature preserve; and through a registered historic district.

There are many negative community impacts associated with the construction of new transmission lines, including but not limited to:

  1. Decrease in property values for extended areas near the proposed lines, not just those directly along the tracks, because of the size of the poles and the concern about living under or near them;
  2. Loss in town revenue from property taxes due to depreciated home values, which may lead to a tax increase town-wide for the 5 affected towns;
  3. Extreme environmental invasion required to install these new lines, including the massive clearing of thousands of trees and vegetation along the route to create a wide path for the poles and the wires to be constructed;
  4. Increased health risks for those living within ~1000 feet of the lines, and for the thousands commuting daily on the NJ TRANSIT North Jersey Coast Line, due to non-stop, ongoing, involuntary exposure to electromagnetic radiation. (Studies have linked long-term exposure to increased risk of childhood leukemia, Alzheimer’s, low sperm count, and more; also, EMF radiation from power lines can interfere with proper functioning of pacemakers and defibrillators.)
  5. Degradation of a registered historic district
  6. Safety concerns about having 130’-210’ high, 8’ wide monopoles in densely populated areas with many homes within the ‘fall zone’ of the poles
  7. Concerns about the possible interference of the electrical fields of the line with train safety controls and signals

This project would have minimal impact on daily reliability for Monmouth County electric customers. In fact, there are only 2 times in the past 15+ years where this proposed new line would have prevented a power outage -- and neither time was during a major storm. Storm-related outages are most often due to damage to local distribution lines from substations to homes… NOT from failures of the transmission lines that feed into the substations.

Customer need is not driving this project.  Residents of Monmouth County, specifically those in the towns of Aberdeen, Hazlet, Holmdel, Middletown, and Red Bank, would be PAYING for a project that decreases our property values, destroys the look and feel of our neighborhoods, puts our health at risk, and violates our quality of life… for no real benefit to the residents, and significant benefit to JCP&L/First Energy. It is not fair for us to be exploited, and we want it stopped.


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JCP&L wants to install a $75M Monmouth power line, the 230,000-volt transmission line project, would run along the New Jersey Transit's North Jersey Coast Line railroad tracks and right of way, connecting a substation in Aberdeen with one in Red Bank an going through Hazlet, Holmdel and Middletown. The project must be approved by state regulators.

If you live near the proposed power lines this will affect property values and be a dangerous health hazard.  Although the electric companies claim that these high voltage transmission lines are safe for the public, they emit an immense amount of electro-magnetic radiation. Existing research absolutely shows a higher incidence of cancer (particularly childhood leukemia) in areas with these lines. 

Please see our Facebook Cause Page for specific medical research and citations. These high voltage lines are DANGEROUS! Please fight back. Sign this petition! Also call your elected officials in your area:

  • Assemblywoman Amy Handlin (732) 383-7820
  • Governors office (609) 292-6000
  • JCP&L 855-277-9332
  • NJ Transit (973) 275-5555
  • BPU (board of public utilities) (609) 777-3300
  • NJ environmental protection agency 866-337-5669
  • Also call your local municipality.

Please share this petition and our Facebook Cause Page with any local groups on facebook, Twitter, or via email and TELL EVERYONE NO MONSTER POWER LINES IN MY BACKYARD!!!

We're also in need of donations asap! 100% of all donations will be used to fight for all the families in the area, create awareness, and to hire experts/lawyers as needed. Any amount helps, please help keep our families safe. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide. If you'd like to donate to our cause Click Here to access our paypal donation link.

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