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Residents Against Drones: Ban the use of drones in the Town of Hempstead, Nassau County

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The unregulated use of drones within our community—Town of Hempstead—has resulted in a serious situation to which we are seeking your support in resolving.

Recent increases in drone activity within our community and resulting privacy concerns prompted multiple residents to contact police (Nassau County First & Seventh Precincts). It was at that time it came to our attention that due to the current state of the law, such activity—drone operation over residential neighborhoods is not deemed illegal. In fact, the law does not address the issue at all, leaving vulnerable populations (children, the elderly etc.) with no recourse.       

We are seriously concerned that an unmanned aircraft system (a drone) equipped with surveillance equipment has been routinely collecting video footage and pictures of all of us in the privacy of our homes, without our consent. Aside from the serious violations relating to the invasion of privacy this particular issue raises a myriad of other concerns regarding the intention of the operator and her/his use of such equipment.

Drone usage in the airspace above private property without consent should be viewed no differently than an individual walking on one’s property with a video camera in hand (ie. trespassing, nuisance, and harassment). 

I urge you to enact legislation to immediately ban the use of drones (especially with video recording equipment) in residential areas in the Town of Hempstead and establish penalties for those who violate the law.

We are just one bad incident away from images of our children and other vulnerable populations exploited on the internet from footage obtained through residential drone use.

Imagine this over your home, watching your family's most private moments:

2 Drones over power lines on Belmill Road in residential area

Unregulated drone over residential neighborhood - noise nuisance, violation of privacy, harassment

 Belmill Road Drone

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