Water pump noise in residential areas.

Water pump noise in residential areas.

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Ravi Agarwal started this petition to Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. (Central Pollution Control Board)


Electric motor pumps or Tullu pumps that fill water storage tanks on rooftops of high rise apartments by pulling water from underground water-table or underground man-made water tanks make noise.

Sound of these machines when running is deep and heavy because they create vibration as well.

Their operational noise makes living uncomfortable if run continuously.

It is more troublesome if there are more than one pump in the vicinity and they run for hours one after the other.


Municipalities, local governments, police stations, pollution control board or whosoever is incharge should do thorough checks of decibel levels of these water pumps regularly like once a year or two year or a time interval that seems sensible and suitable . 

They should order the apartment building owners or management to properly sound proof / insulate these water pumps with some kind of thick cover like brick layers or any other suitable material in case these pumps are making sound above comfort level or permissible limits.

Personal story:

There are more than one water pumps in my apartment neighborhood.

Our flat is on the first floor.

So noise is more prominent as all water pumps are usually installed on the ground floor.

When the job of one water pump is over another starts.

The pumps that are near to my room feel more discomforting.

I installed some apps on my android mobile phone to check the noise levels within my room.

I closed the windows and took some readings .

Unfortunately all the apps indicated that noise was somewhere around comfort level.

Maybe it is not an accurate indication.

Maybe I am more sensitive to noise.

But the relief I get out of the quiet that immediately follows as soon as a nearby pump is switched off is significant.  

Whether or not these pumps' noise are within limits can only be confirmed if authorities bring proper meters or scientific instruments to measure the sound levels.

One cannot rely on a mobile phone app for accurate and reliable readings.

However as per my experience and personal estimate I believe that vibration and noise of these water pumps are definitely above optimal level. 

Peaceful atmosphere is a basic requirement.

Please take appropriate action in this regard.

Readings and measurements done by proper authorities along with proper instructions alone can provide a reliable solution.  

Dear friends and all supporters who have signed this petition,  noise pollution is a significant factor in stressful life. I agree that there are other issues that are critical and need more attention. But I am thankful that you understand that noise free environment also matters and shouldn't be totally ignored. Thank you for understanding.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!