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CAPCOM announced in August 2015 that Resident Evil 2 Remake is confirmed and under the development, but now in the middle of 2017 we haven't heard about any news or teaser about it. Even the first Remake was developed in a shorter period of time in 2000s and The Darkside Chronicles which consisted the remade version of 2 and Code Veronica can be made so quickly after The Umbrella Chronicles that time. Come on CAPCOM, it's just simply a remake, you guys don't have to be so difficult as making a new story from scratch, the story is prepared, what you only need to do is adding some new environments, places, not so much of changes and subplot just like the first Remake, it doesn't have to be complicated just like you made 7, even 7 had a lot of earlier concepts which are scrapped but still released on time. Do you even think in 2002 when the fans just finished the first remake and they must have been wondering about the remake of the sequel, that means they have been waiting for it like 15 years, and now us the Resident Evil fans are dying for Resident Evil 2 news, maybe you guys can show us a little bit about the story of the development, concepts, or whatever you guys made for it, just tell us, we'll appreciate it even it's only a little of information.

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