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Hello we are looking for your support.  We would like to open up a drive in movie theatre here in Stittsville ( or Stitts corners as it use to be known as).   We want to bring back to Ottawa some history. With the ever growing city it has forced the older drive in's to vanish and be replaced by strip malls, parking lots etc.  During this time of uncertainty we think the city would benefit from this.  Not only would you get to get out of the house and not go stir crazy but you would get a different scenery as well.  Yes we'll be confined to our cars but at least we'll be out of the house around other people in a sense of the word.   Nobody knows what this new normal will be or how long this is going to last.   Safety is our primary concern and all guidelines for physical and social distancing will be met.     

Have a date night out,  pack the family up have dinner under the stars, family outing.  Distraction from what is going on in the world for a night.   Watch new and old movies. Reminisce the good old days when things were simple where snacks or dinner were brought right to your car from the snack bar/diner combined with the new contactless delivery.   The "then" meets the new "now"  and you and your family are out doing things having fun and most importantly together. 

We would also like to find local businesses who would be interested in sponsoring this venture so we can get the whole community involved.  This can be the start of a new adventure and we would love it if everyone was involved in getting us up off the ground.  Please forward and get as many people to sign so we can bring this to our community as soon as possible.

Stay safe, stay positive, stay strong.