Restore the 3 Churches Logo - Town of Mahone Bay

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The Town Hall of Mahone Bay has recently introduced a new logo to distinguish the town services from the other organizations.
This new logo will appear on Official notices, agendas, and correspondences from the town.
This new logo was not brought to the attention of town citizens, nor was there any consultation, and only after the fact when already voted on by Town Council, were the residents made aware of this change.
Most residents found out in the Mayor's newsletter that went out a few weeks ago of the change.
In the Newsletter it was stated : "Looking ahead to the next 100 years, the Town is working to IMPOROVE ITS COMMUNICATIONS WITH RESIDENTS AND BUSINESSES."This is not improving communications with the residents of town.Residents & businesses of Mahone and surrounding areas would like to see our logo back the way it was.
The new logo (Three Triangles) is not emblematic of Mahone Bay.

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We the residents of Mahone Bay are very passionate about our town and love the iconic and historic depiction of the Three Churches and this should remain in our logo, on both the Tourism side of things, and the Administrative Town correspondences. Keeping the unity of a branding is not a conflict but rather is a dual kinship that harmonizes both the Administrative and Tourism functions within the town.
We the people of Mahone Bay, and surrounding areas wish to see our logo back with the Three Churches on it.
We are proud of the logo above and want it to stay.