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Giving truck drivers a helping hand

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Truck drivers need a safe place to park !! Plain and simple and the truck stops are not making this easy... It is bad enough that there are not enough truck stops to begin with but to make the drivers pay for a parking spot is NOT right !!! You are making drivers use their hard earned money to park or forcing them to drive tired to find a spot to sleep. This spot might not always be a safe spot either.

Truck drivers need to pay for parking when the parking lot is full. Why not have it where when a driver fuels he receives free parking. For example when they fuel with 50 gallons or more they receive a free shower. Let them get free parking also when fueling. It would help the drivers safe some money and allow for them to park safely.

Reserved parking should not be allowed in our trucks stops !! drivers should NOT have to pay for something they have to right to use. These drivers need sleep and they need a safe place to sleep, when you are asking them to do this most drivers won't pay. They will drive tired until they find a free spot to park in. Do NOT make our drivers use their money that they need to eat or to pay bills or to take care of their families. Give them what they deserve !!! A free safe place to park in !!!

Help the drivers out for a change if there was no truck drivers then there would be no truck stops !! Give them a voucher for free parking or let them use their points from their fuel cards for parking. STOP robbing our drivers of their hard earned money. Lets appreciate them instead and say THANK YOU !!!

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