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why Jain religion name is not printed in all bank opening forms

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Greetings as you are aware JAIN is one of the oldest religion of India & yet ignored by RBI since independence, why there is no JAIN name printed  in all bank opening forms or other important documents, despite JAIN is an Indian  Bhartiya religion and other religion such as Muslim, Christians are Anglo Indian religion yet they names are printed in all major bank forms .

Dr Radhakrishan, who edited the 6th volume of the Cultural Heritage of India,mentioned: -“ The Jains claim a great antiquity for their religion. Their earliest prophet was Rishabdeva. Who is mentioned even in the Vishnu and Bhagwat Purana as belonging to a very remote past. In the earliest Brahmanic literature are found traces of the existence of a religious order, which ranged itself strongly against the authority of the Vedas and the institution of animal sacrifice.

{This para had also been taken in a Supreme Court judgment for case no.2006 VII AD at S.No. 32)

 President Dr. Rajendra Prasad told:- Jainism has contributed to the world the sublime Doctrine of Ahimsa. No other religion has emphasized the importance of Ahimsa and carried its practice to the extent that Jainism has done; Jainism deserves to be universal religion because of its Ahimsa Doctrine.

 Four major world religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism originated here in Bharat India while Islam, Christianity, Judaism and  Zoroastrianism arrived in the first millennium CE and shaped the region's variegated culture.. 

Sir we JAINS are the highest tax payers of the country yet we are ignored or not getting justice , please do see in the above matter and kindly give instruction to all banks in India to print JAIN name in religion column , also sending copy of State Bank Of India account opening form for your reference.

Let us pray that our food should not be colored with animal blood and human suffering save life give life 

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