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To ask RBI to have a special quota of funds in ATM for the account holders of that bank

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Ever since PM Modi declared the old denomination currency notes to be declared as mere piece of papers with effect from 08th November 2016, there has been a severe cash problem.

Even after 06 months of this, the problem still persists. I had been roaming to various parts of the city to withdraw money from ATMs, but either they are dry or wherever there is some money, dozens of people are seen in the queue waiting for hours to enjoy the feat of reaching the ATM machine only to see the message been displayed "CASH CANNOT BE DISPENSED".

I went to purchase school books for my son at the book store where I had to compromise with some books as I had cash which was not sufficient for all the books and almost all the ATMs nearby were running dry.

I ask Governer RBI, Arun Jaitley and person responsible at every leading bank to have a special quota at every ATM machine for the account holders of that particular bank. For example; AXIS bank ATM can have 10% quota for account holders which will only be used (by the account holders) when the 90% cash gets exhausted by the other bank users. This would ensure that every one gets money at the ATM by the time it is refilled again with cash. This does not require any rocket science, just a simple programming at ATMs would do.

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