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RBI should speak up, Rumors about fake ₹10 Coins

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During this time when there is a shortage of Currency in our country people are waiting in queues at the bank to exchange their hard earned money, a new problem has been started by local shopkeepers which is Fake ₹10 Coins.

Fake ₹10 Coins are now the hot topic in the country, shopkeepers have rejected accepting some ₹10 coins. Coins which have number 10 minted in the center and have some lines on the coin are fake.

RBI should make it clear and speak up as everyone is facing problems. Shopkeepers are not accepting these coins and there are very long queues at the ATM's. We are facing shortage of small denominations and this fake ₹10 coin situation is troubling everyone in the country. How is the public supposed to deal with this fake ₹10 coin situation. 

RBI should speak up and make it clear weather there are fake ₹10 Coins in our market or not. If this is all rumors then RBI has to make a public announcement to accept these coins in the market as everyone is facing problems in their daily life. 

Please sign this petition so that it reaches RBI, and they make it clear about the current scene.

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