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RBI : No Control on Usage of Credit/Debit Cards over International Websites

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Today we are trying to make India go cashless and want to promote Digital Money however, you might find majority of population restricting to go cashless due to Frauds/phishing happens with Indian Banking customers. Daily we hear news regarding fraud transactions over someone's Credit/Debit card without there consent.

We came across with many people who faced such issues and found that majority of these frauds happens over International Websites as these webs don't require any OTP. These websites just require Basic card information and anyone can use the card without any issue. Even if victim realize usage and goes to police the investigation become really difficult as these websites don't come under our jurisdiction control. 

Surprisingly, when I inquired about any option to disable international usage on my credit/debit cards with multiple banks, none of the bank provide facility to block the usage if I don't require it. 

Majority of Indians don't shop or buy stuff over international websites and if they don't require then why can't banks give option to disable or enable it. It is giving thieves/fraudsters chance to cheat people freely. I have came across an incident where someone tried to use my friend's card however, luckily it wasn't successful as person was trying with wrong cvv number but they had right card and expiry date which is serious.

I know this feature is available on Citibank Corporate Credit Cards however, none of the bank provide this facility to normal customers including CITIBANK.

I request you to instruct banks to give this option which will bring down the  cheating/phishing to low as fraudster won't be able to use cards easily. All Indian websites usually require OTP which isn't that easy to get.

Mayank Kumar

A common citizen



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