Pls Give Maximum Int rate for Saving Bank Account which ask for min balance as mandatory

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Many banks will ask us to keep minimum balance in Saving Bank Account, they charge penalty for not maintaining average minimum balance.

Banks will give the lowest interest for those SB accounts. This minimum balance will remain life time and will help bank to CRR reporting.

As this average will remain always with bank forever and amount present in Savings Bank Account is eligible for getting maximum  interest rate paid by bank for FDs.

Normally SB account are getting paid by  4% or 4.5% Interest Rate , whereas maximum  tenured FD will get 8% to 10 %  in FY2016-17.

So Saving Bank Account has also all eligibility to get 8%  to 10% interest rate return.


Request all of you to support this public petition to RBI Or Indian  Bank Union to Pass the order like

"If Banks is demanding  for Average minimum balance as mandatory then Bank should also pay Interest rate same as maximum tenured  FD rate".


This most beneficiaries in this change are common man, middle class families and everybody.


Please support this big customer benefit change. 



Sachin H