Justice for Depositors @PMC Bank

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The lives of thousands of account holders of Punjab and Maharashtra Co-operative (PMC) Bank were thrown into disarray on Monday. This is because the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) ordered PMC Bank not to engage in any business for six months and capped depositor withdrawals. As per the RBI statement, "Depositors are allowed to withdraw a sum not exceeding Rs 1000 of the total balance in every savings bank account or current account."

The decision came as a surprise to customers of the bank- mainly traders, self-employed or daily wage earners and many are in panic mode.

Giving an Example of My Father, who kept all his retirement amount in this bank just because its the most risk free thing he can do with his money at this age. its easy to access and close by also. He is completely shattered now.spending sleepless nights and spending days by standing in front of the bank. His health is in serious condition from past 4 days due to this. He is clueless and helpless. He's worried about his life now.

This is not just the case of my father, i know so many people who's life become terribly miserable due to this.  There would be 1000's of people who would have saved money by missing there meals, by not enjoying, for a daughters marriage or for an education or for health issues or for a house....  
There are 1000's of account holders who have deposited money in there bank account for hard times. With such restrictions imposed all of a sudden all account holders are shattered. By Signing in this petition Request RBI to take necessary steps to give justice to investors. 

RBI Should see to that Account holders money is not lost. we just read the news that RBI has taken this step for the interest of investors, however they say that the bank might be closed a mere 1 lakh will be given as a compensation. what wrong is done by these account holders to loose there hard earned Money ?? These people didn't give it to any money launderers not to any chit funds not to any schemes. They Deposited it in the Multi State Bank.

The Restriction made to just withdraw 1000 Rs from an account is causing so much trouble to people. its  not like 1000 Rs a day also, its just 1000 Rs for a 6 month. Account holders are ready to undergo this problem for 6 months but they need an assurance from the Govt of India, Finance Minister , RBI along with PMC Bank that there money will be returned. 

A Bank is a place where money is kept for the emergency, to avoid unnecessary spends, to get a guaranteed  interest for the deposited amount.

People have kept lakhs of Rupees in there account in this bank, telling that the bank will be closed and just a mere 1 lakh will be given back is heart breaking to account holders. Please give back the principal amount at-least if not the interests. 

please @RBI @Govt.Of India @Finance Minister @PMC Bank give justice to account holders hard earned and saved money.

Measures should be taken to withdraw the amount deposited in SB account And FD's and other term deposits should be given as and when it matures. 

It's evident that the fraud has taken place and PMC Bank manegement is responsible for it. RBI should appoint a different management committee and auditors to the bank. 

Merge PMC Bank with either other bank. 

Resolve the ED Cases  against the accessed at the earliest.. the illegal amount and assets owned by these frauds to be auctioned at the earliest and be divided to investor's