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To Roll back all the transaction fees by Banks by both Private and Nationalised Banks

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The proposal of some private and PSU banks to restrict the number of transactions of the customers and charge of transaction fees from April 2017 is arbitrary, irrational and unjust. The demonetization effect has caused sever hardship to the customers who deposited their legitimate money in the banks to draw their own amounts and many deaths occurred in the queues. The people though suffering had no other alternative except to suffer and this again will cause serious impact on the customers.  The daily wage earners and other salaried employees will be the worst affected besides the businessmen.  The functioning of ATMs by almost all banks is very horrible and speaks bundles of facts establishing their sheer negligence towards the customers. The role of RBI has become silent spectator and allowing the banks to loot the common man. Already the banks to reduce their staff and work load they arranged auto machines and charging from the customers towards ATM annual and renewal charges and again restricting to four transactions per months and Rs.150/- from fifth transaction as minimum is very idiotic and serves against the customer interest and unfair business practice.  In the name of inoperative accounts mainly housewifes,poor workers for having no transactions for a period of six months to one year, though the amount adequate is lying in the SB accounts, making inoperative accounts and looting the poor men and women earnings and savings.  On one side asking them to transact and on the other side restricting the transactions and penalising the extra of four is nothing but pluralistic role of Bankers and this should be curbed.  So Revoke all such restrictions and transaction charges and ensure customer service and make all inoperative accounts as operative and inform the customers for either closing the accounts or withdraw the amounts. The Controlling apex bank RBI should do necessary things to curb this unethical practices by private and PSU banks before customers agitate and lose confidence on the very banking system in India which will inturn destablise the country's economy and growth, as the money saved through banks by millions of Indians are being utilised for growth of the nation.

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