Decrease the minimum withdraw amount from bank counter with withdrawal form or cheque

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Hello RBI/ Ministry of Finance/ SBI,

There are different rules in different branches of the banks which are undertaken by Government.

Some SBI branches do not permit account holders to withdraw their desired amount with withdrawal form or cheque if their desired amount is less than the minimum amount set by the branch.
For example, my mother went to withdraw Rs. 10,000 from SBI and she do not know how to operate ATM. The branch says, "The minimum withdrawal amount needs to be Rs.25,000 if you wish to withdraw by withdrawal form".
Some branches even do not allow to withdraw money by cheque if the person holds any debit card for that account.!

So this are the below points which can cause a huge problem in our daily life.
1.  The person may not know the operations of ATM/Debit card and she/he can even be illiterate.
2.  The person may not require that much amount which is set as minimum withdrawal amount by the respective branch or even the person may not have that much amount in their account.
3. The debit card may be lost/blocked and getting the new one can be time consuming. Meanwhile if the person need some amount to withdraw which is less than the minimum withdraw amount.
4. Many times the nearest ATM may not have cash for the required amount.

I urge Reserve bank of India, Ministry of Finance, State Bank of India and other banks to make a simple rule for all branches, so that none of the account holders need to suffer for this kind of pathetic rules which are running.
Please reduce the minimum withdrawal amount from bank counters and customers should be able to use any method of withdrawal like cheque/withdraw form etc irrespective of he/she holds a Debit Card or not!

Somnath Das