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Research & promote geothermal (renewable) energy

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Geothermal energy may be the solution we need to solve many problems in our world.  In some places, the heat of the earth increases by about 3 degrees Celsius for every 100 meters dug straight down into the earth - that's 30 degrees per kilometer.  If we were to begin digging in Death Valley, assuming this number is the same here, where it is already very warm, we would only need to dig approximately 1.7 kilometers - only about one mile, even more efficient if it were two miles. While this would be expensive, it has the potential to both filter water by super heating it, thus purifying it, giving us the potential to possibly filter ocean water directly, but could also potentially enable us to produce steam energy using the super heated evaporated water.  By capturing this energy, the system could eventually be self sustaining. Additionally, unlike solar energy, the heat of the earths core does not stop at night.  Unlike wind energy, it does not take up air space, thus eliminating the danger to flying animals.

The British have done some research into this type of renewable energy.  The original article I read can be found here:                         While I have not seen any further updates, I do see the potential for something greater. Cities such as Las Vegas have discussed diverting groundwater from several hundred miles away in an attempt to alleviate the growing water need of the citizens who live there, but there is the potential that this would deplete the water used for rural communities, as well as damage the natural wetlands ecosystems.  Many people feel that doing this should be avoided, as it may endanger even more species than those which are already threatened.  In my opinion, geothermal energy, utilized as a natural water purifier, may be a way to both solve this problem, as well a way to possibly generate clean, renewable energy.

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