Rescue of neglected pitbull

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I’ve known about boss for about a week and a half now. I found out that one of my grandmas “tenants” had a dog down on a lot of land they’re “supposedly” renting from her. I asked the owners of the Boss if I could go down and give him water and food and meet him. Because I’m an animal lover (especially pitbulls).

After going down to the lot I found that boss was 90% staying outside. When I first saw him he was very timid and tried to seek shelter under a very small tree (which offered him no shelter from the weather. After getting boss to warm up to me he immediately turned into the most warm and kind pup ever. It was overwhelmingly clear to me that the dog was shown little to no attention. He acted like he hadn’t been giving a good scratch’n in a very very long time. His (log) chain was attached to an old gate put up by my grandfather a long time ago, And he had about 10ft of space to roam. The only shelter available to him was a small “dog house” that clearly could not withhold rain. With no door, and straw as the “bedding”. (Keep in mind it was 38F° And raining the first time I saw Boss. He had no water in his water bowl and no food in his food bowl. The only food available to him was a bag of (damp) dry dog food inside the trailer. ( the owners knew I was going to feed the dog) (with evidence and witness’s).

 After asking someone (who had been attempting to collect rent from these people)  for a while now how these people treated Boss. She went on to tell me how on multiple occasions she has had to go down and feed Boss. She also mentioned one occasion where they were asked to bring boss to our house because the man that also claims ownership of Boss was “beating him.

   There have been many people in the community who have told me that Boss isn’t the first animal they have neglected like this.

After taking into my own hands and removing Boss from that space. I was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor 1 count of petty theft. And have spent 72 hours incarcerated because of it. I am now facing up to 6 months in jail and 2 years of probation.

If you’d like to see Boss’s story. You can watch it from the beginning on my TikTok (jay.plvg). Or look for the hashtag #saveboss. Also links to donate to help me help boss are all in my bio there as well. My goal is to have boss rescued and put in a loving and caring home. For charges of neglect and animal cruelty brought upon his “owners” Also to have the charges against me dropped considering I was acting in the best interest of boss removing him from those conditions.