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Rescind the Unjust Eviction of Jeremy Mykaels Under the Ellis Act Now!

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If you are currently living in San Francisco, you probably don't have to look too hard to find proof of the eviction crisis, driven by out of control real estate speculation, that has been turning our City upside down.  Long-time residents are being evicted under the State's Ellis Act from their homes of many years (sometimes more than 30), regardless of whether they are seniors or disabled, all so some greedy real estate speculators can reap huge profits by catering to an elite few that are able to afford these prestigious "new" addresses. 

Eviction Free San Francisco (formerly Eviction Free Summer) is a citywide community organization and direct action group comprised of a diverse array of tenants rights organizers and San Francisco residents, whose mission is to help stop the wave of speculator evictions that have been hitting San Francisco by holding accountable, and confronting, real estate speculators that have been displacing long time San Francisco residents for profit.  We are currently engaged in a campaign of public outreach in San Francisco to spread awareness about the cause of Jeremy Mykaels, who is currently being evicted from his home of 18+ years under the Ellis Act by 460Noe Group LLC, a group of real estate speculators whose partners are:  John H. Du, William H. Young, and Cuong (Cu) Mai. 

We believe that there are reasonable alternatives to profiting off of the 460 Noe Street property that do not involve evicting Jeremy, a long-time San Franciscan and disabled senior.  Therefore, we are urging concerned San Franciscans, and most especially Jeremy's neighbors in the Castro district, to sign the following petition to show their support for keeping him in his home. (For further information on Jeremy's story and the Ellis Act, visit:

We are not against building owners making a reasonable profit when selling (or renting) their properties. However, we are against the outrageous profiteering, whether it be extreme rent hikes or flipping properties, that has been displacing our residents, devastating our communities and wreaking havoc on our way of life in this fine city.  We at Eviction Free San Francisco say YES to long-term tenancy and community building, and NO to putting profit over the people by evicting and displacing our longtime residents, seniors, and disabled people.  

Join with Eviction Free San Francisco and its allies today, and demand that 460Noe Group LLC rescind the Ellis eviction of Jeremy Mykaels immediately!


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