Rescind Honor for Morgan Freeman after Devastating Sexual Harassment Allegations #MeToo

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Morgan Freeman has been accused by upwards of 8 different women of sexual harassment, inappropriate behavior, and creating an unsafe workplace for scores of women on his movie sets. The allegations include inappropriate touching, sexually explicit language, inappropriate staring at women and their breasts, and even continually trying to lift up a production assistant's skirt.

In this #TimesUp moment, where Hollywood especially is being forced to reckon with the way harassers have flourished in the industry, it's time to send a strong message that there is zero tolerance for this kind of behavior.

SAG-AFTRA recently awarded Morgan Freeman a Lifetime Achievement Award in January. They're now reconsidering that award and looking at "corrective actions". Those corrective actions should include rescinding this honor, and sending a very clear message that those who commit sexual harassment shouldn't be honored in the entertainment industry.

Several women and even more witnesses revealed disturbing allegations about Morgan Freeman's history with women, including:

  • Telling a pregnant journalist that she was "ripe";
  • Coming over to an employee's desk and standing over her staring at her breasts;
  • Trying to lift a production assistant's skirt and asking her "if she was wearing underwear";
  • Walking up to interns and massaging them without permission or consent

This type of behavior has existed in Hollywood for too long without being checked. That's why SAG-AFTRA can take a bold stand -- especially since they just released a new Code of Conduct to address rampant sexual harassment -- and move to rescind Morgan Freeman's Lifetime Achievement Award.

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