Reschedule the MN Youth Hockey State Tournament!

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14 levels, 108 teams and hundreds of players.

They fell in love with this game and grinded their whole life to make it to a state tournament. Today 108 teams made it there and received the worse news, that it is canceled because of a virus.

Everyday these kids would get up and go to school, come home and go to practice, they would then work hard for an hour sometimes more get home at 10 do homework and not get to bed until 1. Then do the same thing day after day. Think how many killers/herbes have been done to get to the state tournament and have a chance at the championship. All the block shots during games, broken bones, blood, sweat and tears to reach one goal that has been taken away from them all.

MN hockey we are asking you, as the State of Hockey to make this right! Please reschedule this tournament for all the players who deserve to finish their seasons!