Require Swimming Pool Covers in California

Require Swimming Pool Covers in California

June 6, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Chris Benson

Each uncovered swimming pool in California accounts for ~85gal of evaporative water loss per pool/per day

As the planet heats up, and water becomes even more scarce, most private outdoor pools are infrequently used, and refilled with drinking water.

In my own six block radius I used Google Earth to count over 30 uncovered swimming pools.

1.18 million swimming pools exist in CA, most are uncovered.

Demand CA Legislature to require at least solar swimming pool covers (costing roughly $100-300ea). Programs should be developed to subsidize cover costs, as well as create incentives to remove pools that aren't used.

Let's do the math, it isn't rocket science...


1,180,000 CA pools x 80% uncovered pool estimate = 944,000 pools affected

944,000 pools x (85gal evap loss reduced by 80% with a cover = 68gal per pool conserved) = 64,192,000 gallons saved per hot day when covered.

In CA, we have roughly 280 days per year of hot weather, increasing yearly.

280 days x 64,192,000 gallons = 17,973,760,000 gallons of water per year saved by requiring pool covers.


>> Can you help me save 18 BILLION GALLONS OF WATER PER YEAR ?

The CA Urban Water Management Plan is accepting comments for their next legislative recommendation. Their plan currently makes no mention of addressing evaporative losses from private outdoor pools! Urban Water Suppliers are saying they have no jurisdiction to address this known problem, suggesting local towns enact building code changes. We know how this story lets enlist Gavin Newsom and the state's UWMP to say no to throwing a pool party while everyone else is timing their showers and letting their trees die from drought.

Urban Water Management Plans ( or WUE@Water.Ca.Gov)

Let's manage the needless waste before we have to require a ban on private pools, which doesn't need to happen.


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Signatures: 44Next Goal: 50
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