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Require Labeling on GMO Foods

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I was alarmed when I learned about genetically modified foods. If you’re not aware of the danger in consuming GM foods, the simplest argument against them is that we don’t know what GM foods do to our bodies.
There is scientific evidence from studies in France that eating GM foods has caused tumors in rats and trouble with their kidneys and livers, and many scientists attribute the rising rates of severe food allergies, reproductive issues, gut disorders, and many other diseases such as cancer to the use of GMOs.
Ask yourself this: are you willing to be a science experiment? Is it really worth the risk? Didn’t think so.
Americans are unknowingly consuming tons of GM foods on a daily basis. Currently there’s no evidence that shows GM foods to be safe for human consumption.
Much of Europe, Japan and Australia have banned GMOs, yet millions of Americans, are unknownly participating in an unmonitored, unregulated, experiment by the GMO seed and pesticide companies Monsanto, Dow Bayer, Syngenta, DuPont, and BASF. These companies successfully lobbied against GMO labeling in California. They spent millions of dollars to keep consumers ignorant.
Don’t allow yourself to be a guinea pig.
Please support this petition and cause. I will send it on to my local representative in Congress.


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