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Require a fair investigation of the brutal murder of Russian student!

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Oleg Vakhrushev, 21 years old, student of Medical Academy, Yekaterinburg, Russia, was brutally murdered by unknown persons in 2004.
Still have not conducted a fair investigation of this brutal murder.
The investigation is not interested in punishing the real killers.
Eyewitnesses watched the police threw Oleg Vakhrusheva in a police car. After a while the mutilated body of Oleg was thrown on the road.
The circumstances of the tragedy were as follows: 16 December 2003, after duty on the "Emergency medical services" Oleg Vakhrushev told his parents about the threats of the drunk citizen Pakhomov, an employee of Department Of Internal Affairs. Employee of Department Of Internal Affairs Mr. Pakhomov attacked a woman doctor. Oleg Vakhrushev defended the poor woman. Then Pakhomov said to Oleg: "I work in Department Of Internal Affairs. I'll kill you!" And in the night of 1 to 2 January 2004 Oleg Vakhrushev died a horrible violent death.
On the morning of January 2, 2004, passers-by found the body of Oleg Vakhrusheva. The young man was completely beaten and mutilated. But in the snow there was no blood. Vakhrushev was without a coat. The investigation team interviewed witnesses, inspected the road and found no evidence. At the crime scene was not made a single photo. From documentary sources in a criminal case, there are only written documents - inspection reports and the testimony of witnesses.
In the description of the body of Oleg in the morgue were admitted striking "inaccuracies": the blue sweater and jeans, was identified as the black, black boots, brown. Even the growth of the medical examiner managed to misquote, "not noticing" Oleg 12 inches (Protocol specified 170 cm, in reality - 182).
The police refused to investigate the case.
Oleg's father, Valery Vakhrushev, submarine officer, demanded to initiate a criminal case.
Parents of Oleg Vakhrushev began to send complaints to the Prosecutor.
Then the consequence put behind bars a completely innocent man. Investigators said that the Oleg was hit by a car. The driver of this machine was put in prison.
But numerous injuries of Oleg Vakhrushev not correspond to the damage received from hitting the car.
He knocked out teeth and broke his jaw, all his internal organs were severed. He had stab wounds to the face.
Valery Vakhrushev, submarine officer, captain second rank: "I declare that my son brought and dumped here!".
Parents found witnesses who saw how the early morning from a passing car threw the body of Oleg.

Require a fair investigation of the brutal murder of Russian student at the Medical Academy Oleg Vakhrushev!!!

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