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Requesting President Obama & the First Lady to donate blood on the World Blood Donor Day to encourage the nation to take up blood donation as part of their lifestyle and save millions of lives.

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There is almost always a shortage of blood in both developing and developed countries. This is a fact and the situation has been this way for quite some time. 

40,000 units of blood is required everyday in U.S. Every 2 seconds some one in the U.S. needs blood.There is large population of healthy people in these nations but there are levels of unawareness, stigma or just the lack of the right information. Shortage of all types of blood occur during the peak summer and winter seasons. Here’s an experiment - Google ‘Blood shortage’ and you will get results and latest in news about people who have been affected by shortage of blood. 

Who really needs blood?

Well, there are the Cancer patients, severe burn victims, Anaemic patients, more than 80,000 people who have been affected by Sickle Cell disease in the U.S., close to 70,000 people affected by Thalassemia - A major blood disorder that affects children in the US, patients under going surgeries, victims of everyday road accidents around the world and the list goes on. 

There are other issues which require different approaches but if I had to sum up it all up, the so called bottom line would be that there are just not enough voluntary donors.

Considering the problem, we think about it and we realise this-

3 days. Thats what it takes. 365 days equals 8760 hours. The blood donation time through out the year equals 4 hours for the entire year. 

A pint of blood saves up to 3 lives. Thats 0.045% of our entire time in a year is capable of saving 9 lives. It is infinitesimal amount of time spent which has a profound effect on the lives of people in need. Not many people are aware of the fact that it is good for your health. New blood replaces old, you loose close to 650 calories and it reduces the risk of heart attack by 88% in men.

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