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Dear Friends,  

                  This is to express my concern over the  unbelievable, unjustifiable struggle of thousands of people from the southern most India to travel to the Hot Spot Hi Tech city, Bangalore for Education, Business or job purposes. This is because of the non availability of a convenient train in this route. This is a very surprising fact as this route can also be a very profitable route for the Indian Railways. 

                      There are hundreds of people who travel to and from Bangalore to Nagercoil  via. Madurai, every day.  They struggle to get transport and often they end up spending  a lot of money to travel by the private omni buses. This is mainly due to the fact that there is no daily train in this route. We have been demanding a daily train in this route for the past 15 years.  Therefore, it will be a great help for the people if you assign one daily train for this route (Bangalore to Nagercoil via Madurai and Tirunelveli).

               There is a rumor among the public that private buses have bribed the responsible officials to reject and block the daily train service.

Thanking You,

Letter to
Prime Minister of India Hon’ble Dr. Manmohan Singh
South-Western Railway,Hubli-580023 Joint Director, Public Grievances
Southern Railway,Park Town, Chennai - 600 003 Chief Passenger Transportation Manager,
and 23 others
Member of Parliament Hon’ble Smt. Helen Davidson
Member of Parliament Hon’ble Shri S.S. Ramasubbu
Member of Parliament Hon’ble Shri Manicka Tagore
Honble Chief Minister Hon’ble Selvi J Jayalalithaa
Member of Parliament Hon’ble Shri E.G. Sugavanam
Member of Parliament Prof. M.S. Swaminathan
Bangalore Division, Bangalore - 560009 Senior Divisional Operations Manager
Madurai Division,Madurai Divisional Railway Manager
Trivandrum Division,Trivandrum-695014. Senior Divisional Operations Manager
Southern Railway,Park Town, Chennai - 600 003 Chief Operations Manager
Southern Railway,Park Town, Chennai - 600 003 General Manager
Kanniyakuamri District Railway Users' Association The Secretary
Southern Railway,Park Town, Chennai - 600 003 Joint Director, Public Grievances
Bangalore Division, Bangalore - 560009 Divisional Railway Manager
South-Western Railway,Hubli-580023 General Manager
Trivandrum Division,Trivandrum-695014. Divisional Railway Manager
South-Western Railway,Hubli-580023 Chief Operations Manager
South-Western Railway,Hubli-580023 Chief Passenger Transportation Manager
Railway Board, New Delhi The Chairman
Railway Board, New Delhi The Member Traffic
Railway Board, New Delhi The Executive Director
Member of Legislative Assembly, Colachel Constituency J.G. Prince
Respected Sir/Madam,
SUB : Requesting Nagercoil – Bangalore Daily train service

I am a frequent traveller in the Bangalore – Nagercoil route .There are many people, including my friends and colleagues, who are from Nagercoil and work in Bangalore. There are thousands of such people in Kanyakumari district. All of them travel regularly in this route.
Every time, they struggle traveling by the only available mode of transport, the private omni buses, paying a lot of money. They are compelled to travel by these buses because the only weekly train running between these destinations runs at a very inconvenient time for office goers.Currently, Nagercoil – Bangalore 16537/16538 train is the only train plied in this route once a week. Moreover, it is plied on odd days and timings which are totally useless for the students, business men or office goers. This train may be operated daily for the better convenience of the people.Moreover, changes are necessary in the timings to help the passengers reach in the morning hours both at Bangalore and at Nagercoil. Nagercoil-Bangalore route is definitely a commercially profitable route, too. There is a rumor among the public that private buses have bribed the responsible officials to reject and block the daily train service.

This route is badly in need of a direct night train service on a daily basis. Hence, it will be a great help for the citizens if you assign a daily train for this route (Bangalore to Nagercoil via Madurai,Tirunelveli).

Please consider my humble request and do the needful.

Thanking You,
Yours sincerely,

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