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Ministerial approval for Kamlesh Verma, a widowed Senior's reinstatement of PR in Canada.

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PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION TO UNITE MY WIDOWED MOTHER, WITH HER SON AND GRAND DAUGHTERS IN CANADA. CASE DETAILS: 1) As a Canadian Citizen, who immigrated to Canada in 1998, I sponsored my parents for Canada in 2004. 2) They had serious intentions to maintain their PR conditions, and also got PR Card renewed in Jan 2010 after the first PR Card had expired. They would have maintained their PR Obligation conditions without jeopardizing it, had they come back by May 2013. But then they had both their Knee replacement surgery At the end of July 2013. 3) Post knee surgery surgery complications resulted in serious issues for my Dad, and they were advised not to take long flight to Canada till he had recovered fully. Also they had a court case initiated for possession and recovery of rent for their house leased/rented while they were here in Canada. The case is still continuing and it's next hearing is in March 2016. 4) Untimely demise of my dad, on 1st of March 2015 last year, made us realise that the PR Card expired on 5th of January 2015. 5) We are aware that rules are rules for everybody, but my mom cannot stay in India. Also her stay in UK with my sisters was intended for short stay, till my mom's PR is reinstated. But we were ignorant that it will be a long process and may take years to get a hearing for this. But now my brother-in-laws is giving my my mom, serious problems saying they cannot take care of my mom any longer. 6) Seems PR maintenance conditions to stay 2 years in every 5 years, was possibly for immigrants who could not make up their mind and stayed out of Canada for prolonged periods, and thus were not contributing to the Canadian Economy, which was the very intention of their PR in Canada. BUT this condition should not be applicable to retired parents who immigrate to reunite with their families, who chose to even go back home to get their knee surgeries at their own expense, and not at OHIP's expense. 7) Not to overemphasize the fact that I am the chosen one, being the only son of my parents, to be responsible for their well being, as per Hindu customs, traditions as well as the religion. Needless to add that my parents, especially my mom has been instrumental in bringing up my 3 lovely daughters with the best blend of Indian and Canadian culture, and they miss her very much. I implore Honable John McCallum to please help us all to reunite and the PR reinstated of my mom, as this uncertainty has all of us hanging in mid air anxiously waiting to reunite with Ma. Atul Kumar Verma Brampton Ontario Canada --------------------------------------- My mother’s appeal to you in her own words: I am 77 year old widow, who recently lost my husband ,after sharing 55 years of blissful married life with him. After his demise, Due to insecurity and loneliness I cannot live all alone by myself. Therefore, I strongly desire to spend the rest of my days with my grandchildren and son in Canada. Both I and my husband were sponsored by my son and we got our PR status on 14-June-2004, but we had to go back to our country for longer periods due to the below mentioned reasons: a) There were some urgent needs for attending to my husband's court / litigation related issues, for possession of our house in New Delhi India, which was rented out in our absence. b) Also due to long waiting queue for Knee replacement surgeries, we both chose to go back to India, as post-operative care is cheaper in India. c) But we could not come back to Canada as planned due to post surgery complications of my husbands both legs.We revisited Canada on 9-July-2008, when we got our PR status renewed but unfortunately we had to leave again on 14-May-2010 for the same issues as mentioned above. My PR Card expired in January of 2015, and thus I had to file a Residency Obligations appeal. Recently we all have been quite hopeful reading your comments on – “Openness and accountability”- that's real change. Also going through the “Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Mandate Letter” 2nd point - As part of the Annual Immigration Levels Plan for 2016, bring forward a proposal to double the number of entry applications for parents and grandparents of immigrants to 10,000 a year. In line with the above plan, I wanted to request your intervention to resolve my mother’s appeal for Residency obligations with IAD, and getting her a Travel document ASAP, to reunite her with my family. Please grant her ministerial approval to permit her to return and move forward on the path for full permanent residency status. Also, recently, Immigration and Refugee Minister John McCallum has granted special permission for a deported Roma family to return to Canada. The decision involving Jozsef Pusuma, his wife Timea Daroczi and their seven-year-old daughter Viktoria (who goes by Lulu) comes after McCallum intervened in their case and granted them ministerial approval to permit them to return and move forward on the path for full permanent residency status.

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