Requesting Cab Aggregator Ola To Drop Surge Prices Like Uber During Odd-Even In Delhi

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I live in Delhi and usually take a cab for my office because I find them a little safer. I’ve never had the courage to take a bus after reading stories of how women are groped and touched inappropriately during their commute. It might get too expensive for all of us to take a cab in the coming days.

One of my friends takes a shared cab for her work to save money, but she won’t be able to do that anymore. Like me and my friend, lakhs of people will soon be paying extra money to reach home safely.

While it will be a hard time for us, it will be like a festival for cab aggregators. They’ll be burning a hole in the common man’s pocket. Sign my petition so that we are not forced to pay extra.

As you know, the Delhi government is going to implement the odd-even scheme between 4-15 November to reduce pollution in the city. This year even private CNG vehicles are not exempted from this rule.

I clearly remember the prices of cab the last time this rule was implemented in the city. Cab fares went up 6-7 times. While we were doing our best to save the environment and our jobs, cab aggregators were doing their best to milk even the last rupee coin that was left in our pockets.

Maybe it’s just me, but I never understand how surge pricing works. I mean why would you charge someone 6-7 times for the same distance. It’s not like you pay 6-7 times for the fuel, then why should common citizens suffer?

This is my humble appeal to all the cab aggregators like OLA to show some compassion for their loyal customers. Please don’t implement surge pricing during the time odd-even rule is implemented in Delhi.

Sign and share my petition as much as you can. Let’s save the environment and also save our savings!