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Requesting a National License

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" In matters of style, swim with the current;
In matters of principle, stand like a rock". Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

Today is August 11th, 2012. This day marks the starting point behind standing for my principles of looking for missing persons. My belief that missing persons should be located regardless of the costs are unwavering. My attempts to contact government entities (police and sheriffs departments) to gain information on old missing persons cases has been met with denial.

Several states have informed me that in order to look for missing persons or conduct a private investigation, I will need to be licensed in each state. Asking questions regarding missing persons can be punishable by imprisonment or even fines.

I ask this of all of these government entities, "What if it were your child, husband, wife or someone else that you love that went missing?" Wouldn't you want anyone and everyone looking for them? Their response is ...

          "The laws for private investigation are there for the protection of the public. To    keep people from creating or conducting fraudulent practices against those in compromising positions".

    The search for missing persons has no boundaries, a person can be abducted in one state and taken to another. Failure to have a license to practice the art of Private Investigations in each state will require me to apply for licensing in each and every state. By the time I get done applying, I would immediately have to begin re-newing my license in every state. Faced with this, I would like to begin this petition that will allow me to search for missing persons across the nation with a national license. This license would allow me to ask questions, take fingerprints and arrange for volunteers to begin looking for missing persons. I seek not to have the powers of arrest, but the powers of investigation. I leave the powers of arrest to law enforcement. It shall require me to inform law enforcement of my intentions while in their jurisdiction both when I arrive and when I leave and to turn over any evidence found. It should be mandated that any person holding such a license should be able to review each case specifics.

I used to work as a Deputy Sheriff as a jailer.

I am currently attending and will graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. I have (for the past year on my own) studied the affects of decomposition on different types of soils and vegetation. I have researched what to look for in attempting to locate clandestine gravesites. I have looked into the purchase of a K-9 for tracking purposes. I have looked into recovering fingerprints and underwater crime scene investigations.

Why have I done this?

Can you imagine what it would be like to have a missing person or to report someone that has vanished?

To go on for years without knowing where the person is must be devastating. Aggravating the situation is that in 2 weeks, neighbouring departments are no longer kept apprised of the missing person. Then after 6 months to a year, even the department who initiated the investigation has no clues. Eventually, the department will put the case on the back burner until more clues surface.

Leaving cases to become cold cases should not be an option. Then why is it done? 

Resources, manpower, lack of clues, department budget cuts to name a few.



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