Request youtube to block RiceGum!

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Talk to the locals, but respecting others is a necessary condition. Subscribers of more than 10 million Asian-American YouTuber RiceGum recently released a video titled “Why I Left The Clout House (im sorry)” on their personal platform to record his two-day visit to Hong Kong. However, the content has caused great controversy as he and his partner insulted in the film to ask passers-by “where there is a dog or a cat”, and even asked the street fund-raising people who had prostitutes and made harassing behaviors.

Trampling the culture of other countries is very undesirable!

We now require youtube to block the channel and ask him to publicly apologize!


跟當地人交流,但尊重別人卻是必要條件吧!訂閱量逾1000萬的美國亞裔YouTuber RiceGum,近日在個人平台發布一條題為《Why I Left The Clout House (im sorry)》的影片,記錄他到訪香港兩日的遊歷。不過內容卻引起極大爭議,因他和拍檔在片中侮辱地問路人「哪裏有狗或貓」,甚至問街頭籌款的人哪裏有妓女,並做出滋擾他人的行為