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Seeking Help for the Release of Mr. Shihani

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Request to all from Shihani Jamal Mohammed’s father Mr.Jamal Mohammed...

Dear All
My son Shihani Jamal Mohammed, 37 years, Indian, a native of Kerala, has been imprisoned in Abu Dhabi since August 2015, and is suffering immensely. I myself had worked in UAE for almost 35 years. After my retirement and returning back to India, it was Shihani who was taking care of us, and providing for us financially. He had been working in a Multinational shipping company since 2005, and as part of his job, was entrusted with an Indian naval contract in 2012. He was only fulfilling his official responsibilities while coordinating (only via official means) with the Indian Embassy officials for the same. Not only that, it was my son’s company seniors and managers who had introduced these Embassy officials to him.

Little did we know that these people had other motives and now my son has been accused over ‘espionage’ charges for passing secret information to the Indian Embassy in UAE, and has been punished for a total of 10 years. All those who personally know him, are aware about the sincerity and dedication he had towards his work. What is even more heartbreaking was that his company, who was well aware of the matter all along, never once came to testify his innocence and speak on his behalf. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India need to get seriously involved in this matter and conduct an investigation against the so named Embassy officials and bring justice. From our experience, there are other Indian expatriates who have been defamed and imprisoned for the same reason through the same employees at the Embassy. My son was unfortunate to fall into this trap. We need this to stop, and don’t want another father/son/husband/brother to suffer like how we are suffering. Our institution is supposed to be protecting us, but here we are suffering for being an Indian, Why???? While my son was performing his official duties, he never knew that he was dealing with the wrong people all the time. The UAE government had been very fair to us, and we still have the utmost respect for the country, its rules and regulations, a place which has been home for us for the past 35 to 40 years.  

We had knocked all doors for help, and is still continuing to do that. And our only hope now is the intervention of honourable Madam Sushma Swaraj and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His 2 small kids still think that their father is involved in a ‘Special job’, that he cannot come home from work. This petition is a humble plea to Madam Sushma Swaraj to please help my son and his family, from the unimaginable grief that all of us are going through, for a crime he did not commit.

Dear brothers and sisters, kindly please support us in sharing this petition, until it reaches Madam Sushma Swaraj and the concerned authorities.


Note: We respect UAE rules and regulations, our intention is only to intervene Madam Sushama Swaraj or Indian Foreign & External affairs ministry.

Please do not write or comment against UAE or UAE law.

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