to stop corona spread in residential area

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we, the residents of Punjabi University campus, patiala, are seriously concerned over using the hostels in deep residential area as isolation centre due to following reasons.

1.the physical distance between hostels and residences is very little(less than 100 yards) and the road leading to those hostels adjoins the residences. the residential population of campus is upward three thousand residents including many elderly with comorbidity. 

2.The water supply of university (we have our own recycling plant) is  like an central air-conditioner wherein all the recycled water is recirculated throughout university. as is known covid 19 virus can be spread via faeces it would be exposing/infecting whole community in no time.

3. moreover exams/admissions are around the corner and would be near impossible to conduct ( this is minor point)

4, Alternate places like university school and many more maybe less threatening

5. we, being educationist, understand the dire circumstances but very strongly feel that other options such as non residential/less populated hostels need to be exhausted before we are sacrificed due to lack of clarity on subject ( recycled water and extreme close proximity). we request a quick rethink  before we inadvertently create another serious hot spot

sincere regards