Request to Reconsider Back-to-School Examination

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*DISCLAIMER : The purpose of this petition is solely to voice the concerns of students and parents arising from the introduction of back-to-school examination (JUEC).

    JUEC is important, but is it worth it to put our lives at stake for an exam ? We all know that some cases of Covid-19 don't have symptoms but are still highly contagious and just as deadly. Sure, temperature monitoring at the entrance of the school gates , wearing masks , washing our hands etc will reduce the risk of spreading the virus , but it doesn't GUARANTEE our safety does it? Almost everyday we have hundreds, even thousands of cases in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur where most JUEC candidates live in, which increases the exposure to the virus.

    Sure , 99% recovery rate doesn't seem to be that bad but if you do the math, every 1000 patient 10 of them dies . Even if you were to recover from it , you might deal with long-term effects such as limited lung capacity and kidney complications which causes a lot of inconvenience and problems, Google it . Parents and students are worried about our own safety , but we don't have a choice do we?

    90,000 citizens have lost their jobs , our country is losing RM2.4 billion every single day , all of this just because of the pandemic. Yet, thousands of form-3 students are forced to take the JUEC examination at school . If one of the students is infected with Covid-19 it will then spread rapidly to the others . No, not just the students, when they return home to their family, they will also get infected . This causes a lot of unnecessary trouble to the country which will then worsen the economic impact on the citizens .

   All that sacrifice just for an examination? Is it worth it? I'm sure Dongzhong can develop an online examination system that is fool-proof . This not only guarantees the safety of the candidates but also prevents our parents from getting worried.

Please share this out, our voices needs to be heard. Thank you :) 

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