Request to arrange an open house discussion between the students and the administration

Request to arrange an open house discussion between the students and the administration

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Why this petition matters

Started by Pant 07

Esteemed Sir, 

NIT Rourkela is an institute of national importance and we as a student of NIT Rourkela feel proud to be a part of it. We consider NIT Rourkela as our another home but recent development shows that NIT Rourkela administration doesn’t consider the same for us.

As you are well aware that we, the students of NIT Rourkela have attempted to put our concerns in front of you multiple times. It is a matter of regret that these issues and troubles faced by students being neglected by the competent authority continuously. A false campaign has been promoted by few faculty members to misguide the whole institute that we are demanding to online exams.

In order to correct the situation, We are writing this open letter so the confusion over student issues can be resolved and these issues can be addressed immediately.

 In last three weeks as many as 128 students has reported fever. On a daily basis at least 50-60 students of NIT Rourkela go to the health centres for their check up as they do not feel well regarding their health and have high temperatures. On reporting to health centre, no COVID test was performed and they were left with some antibiotics. Though students are suffering, neither leave is permitted nor any treatment is done to those students. It causes more harm while going class in exposure of direct Sun leads to additional fatal consequence to them. This kind of treatment is not only affecting students preparation for exams scheduled next week but also putting a long term effect on their health.

 Providing proper food on time is one of the prime responsibility of hostel administration but in several hostels food is being served after class start timing and students miss their food to attend classes. The quality of food served in hostels is poor and there has been several instances of finding insect into the food served. On complaining about these things, no action has been taken by hostel administration. There is no functional mess committee into the hostels and messes are running by whims of hostel wardens. We have also got instances that wardens are collecting food or money from mess in order to give them liberty to do what ever they want to do.

 In several rooms of hostels, beds are not available for the students and they have to sleep on the floor. As you can understand this is a grave discomfort for students and may cause health issues as well. We request proper facilities to be availed to all students across the institute.

As you are well aware that temperature of Rourkela is too high and many students are not able to cope up with this while preparing for exams. In this situation, we expect institute to make proper arrangements in terms of repairing fans and ACs, equipping reading rooms and other such facilities with better cooling systems. We will request you to implement it immediately.

 We will also like to bring into notice that facing the problems explained above, when students are trying to go outside of the campus, to collect resources for themselves, they are being blocked by security personals on several instances.

While Full TA notification is public now, many faculty members have denied receiving it officially and so claim to give it on their assessment. We consider it a compromise with the commitment given by the institute administration.

While institute had committed adjustment of syllabus for end-sem exams, multiple faculty members deny any official information regarding that and are pressuring students to go for full syllabus preparation. It is creating pressure and a sense of distrust among students.

Along with these issues, we are getting continuous threats from Prof. Siddharth Jena (Dean Student welfare) and Prof. Rohan Dhiwan (Registrar-in-Charge) for our attempts to put these points to institute administration. On each of our request, we are simply denied saying your are doing this for online exams. We had requested for Open House discussion for this but we have been denied for that saying we will do riots in that discussion. Does students of NIT Rourkela seems like rioters to their faculty members and administration?



Therefore we would request you to be good and kind enough to consider the above mentioned serious issues face by the students carefully and consider our humble request to come forward for open house discussion with the students for smooth progression for the act of which we will remain ever grateful to you.


Yours Obediently,

Students Of NIT Rourkela.

680 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!