Request to allow groups composed over 100 members in Bag End

Request to allow groups composed over 100 members in Bag End

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Iniciada por Eric Cobas

Dear Lord of the Rings: Rise to War Staff,

We are writing you as the Comunidad del Anillo RTW (Hispanic Fellowship of the Ring RTW). Currently, we are the biggest organized community of hispanic players in the game. We are more than three hundred active members that are playing in the same server, divided into three fellowships within a faction. Also, we have some YouTube content creators that spend many hours playing the game, as well as promoting it (FrexGamer is an example, who has close to 10k subscribers in YouTube).

So far, we have been able to play and operate without any complications in your servers, expanding our community and improving the experience of the game for our members to something more grand than what a lonely player or little groups can get to experience. Right now, we will end Season 2 in the 19th of this month and we will go to Season 3. This is why today, May 10th, we fear for the survival of our community due to Bag End being implemented in the end of this Season 2. We were aware that we would encounter this problem, but we expected for the end of Season 3.

Bag End is a very practical system to start seasons for little groups of players. We are thankful for having a few days to organize your fellowship. Nevertheless, such a thing are a death sentence for communities such as ours. The huge chance that our fellowships play on completely different servers means a big problem for us, since it is an enourmous blow to our project that we are doing our best to keep afloat.

We consider that the existance of big communities of players, like ours, benefits the game and encourages its playerbase to keep playing, given the friendships and reinforcing the social relations that appear in a project of this size. With this writing and this recollection of signatures, we ask to increase the limit of players in Bag End’s groups, or letting the different groups choose the server they will play in. That way, you give us the chance to keep growing with friends we have made and playing this great game that you and your company have created.

Because Bag End must serve one purpose, to unite players, not scatter them. 



We are thankful for both your time and attention.

Thanks in advance,

Comunidad del Anillo Hispana RTW

153 personas han firmado. ¡Ayuda a conseguir 200!