Request to Add More Test Centers for AP Chinese Language and Culture in SRVUSD

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There have been too few Test Centers for the AP Chinese Language and Culture Test in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District for the past several years.

During the registration period, many parents have to search far and wide to find a Test Center with an open seat. Often, they have to go to San Francisco, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, San Mateo, Sacramento or Fresno to get one. On the test day, they have to take the day off and drive back and forth for the long distance. 

Many students in SRVUSD schools have been learning Chinese language and culture since very young. During high school, they may not enroll in the Chinese class provided in the school so to explore another foreign language. When these students register for the AP Chinese test, they and their parents are having a hard time to find a Test Center close to their own home school due to the current limited Test Centers.

The request is to open more Test Centers, so students can take the test locally.

There are also other students within the SRVUSD boundary having this difficulty, such as home schooled students. An added mile of request is to provide the opportunity for them as well.



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