Request that Tesla build replacement battery packs for the Nissan Leaf

Request that Tesla build replacement battery packs for the Nissan Leaf

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Why this petition matters

Started by Joe Latimer

With as many as 150,000 Nissan Leaf's driving around on their factory battery's last leg, the owners of these cars need a reliable and reputable resource for replacement batteries. Nissan has failed to support those who enthusiastically purchased their Leaf, many of these purchasers being the first adopters of electric vehicles (EV). Tesla is championed and admired as the leader in the battery and EV industry. While Tesla builds the world’s best batteries and EV's, the cost of a new Tesla makes purchasing one practically impossible for many families who would like to support the transition to sustainable energy. We have no doubt that a Tesla EV is worth its  price, but EV enthusiast exist in all rungs of the economic latter.

Therefore, we humbly and enthusiastically request that Mr. Elon Musk and Tesla Inc. become a champion of those early adopting EV enthusiast and help pick up the pieces of a Nissan’s failure to support their customers. The number of functioning, and very practical Nissan Leaf’s with a degraded battery grows every day. Currently the only solution for replacing a Leaf battery is to find a salvage (wrecked) Leaf and hope the battery is still good. Obviously, this is not at all practical.

We would like to put forward the following as potential reasons Tesla should take up this cause:

·         The market for these batteries will only grow as the Nissan batteries continue to degrade.

·         Tesla would be heralded as the first company to support and restore these early EV’s

·         Tesla could supply these batteries to shops already swapping Nissan Leaf batteries

·         Supporting Leaf owners would be akin to manufacturing a $25,000 EV, as it supports those with budget restrictions

·         The issue for adapting a larger capacity battery to older Leaf’s has been solved by Leaf enthusiast

·         In the future, support for older EV’s and battery replacement will be a huge industry, Tesla would have the advantage of being the first to support battery replacement of non-Tesla EV’s

·         It may be a good long term business model to partner with other EV manufactures to support battery replacement in their EV’s

Thank you Elon and Tesla working hard to create a better future for our planet, and thank you for hearing us out by reading this petition.

329 have signed. Let’s get to 500!