Request - Honorable General Assembly to please retract the citation-proclamation

Request - Honorable General Assembly to please retract the citation-proclamation

May 8, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Vikram Bhandari

We, citizens of Connecticut and Massachusetts ask you to retract the citation (and Proclamation), which supports the Declaration of Sikh Independence. They were issued on your recommendation and presented by you.

This citation is an uncalled recognition of a separatist movement calling for the break-up of India. The Khalistani separatist movement has engaged in acts of terror over the last two decades. This citation is offensive to people in India and Indian American community in the state of CT and MA. The states have no right to interfere in the sovereignty of another nation. This act is causing irreparable harm to our Connecticut’s reputation in the country of India.

You have been misguided by some fringe organizations with nefarious intentions. We ask that you retract this citation immediately and ensure that our Federal government in Washington DC handles all foreign affairs matters in the future.

This act by the CT/MA General Assembly is of grave concern to many well-meaning and peace loving citizens of Connecticut who uphold the highest American values and expect the same to be reflected in such decisions. A few of of the concerns that the fringe separatist  'Khalistani' group imposes upon the larger peaceful and well-integrated Sikh community are:

- The Khalistani movement has its foundation and links to organizations that are designated 'Terrorist Organizations' by India and the European Union [1- a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i]
- Their violence against civilians resulted in over 20,000 deaths in just a decade [2]
- They were convicted for several heinous terrorist activities around the world such as the assassination of the Prime Minister of India [3] to a bombing of an international airliner [4] which was the worst aviation-related terrorist attack in the world before 9/11.

The act by the CT General Assembly also raises several disturbing moral and ethical issues such as:

- What the CT assembly seems to have been misled to give citation for - There is no record of any government anywhere in the world ever acknowledging or recognizing a 'Sikh Independence' to have ever taken place.
- The State of Connecticut should not get involved in domestic affairs of a Sovereign and Pluralistic Democratic Nation such as India
- Participating in favor of currently and potentially designated Separatist Terrorist Organizations would not only undermine our American values but also put our great state on the wrong side of History
- Separatist fringe groups have always existed in every nation including the USA, whose purpose is often to undermine the Nation and make themselves relevant. - They rarely represent the sentiments of the larger majority of their community - which is the case here for a fringe group of Khalistanis claiming to talk on behalf of all Sikhs.
- Sikh Gurus and innumerable Sikh followers later have sacrificed their life defending India and its culture. The Gurus are highly revered and celebrated as heroes by everyone in India and the Sikhs share a deep bonhomie and brotherhood with all Indian communities. Khalistanis, however, are known to have worked with Pakistani external intelligence agency called ISI [5, 6] and share an agenda with them to build a rift within the Indian community through nefarious and violent methods. They clearly don't speak for the majority of the Sikhs [7]. Understandably, the Khalistanis seem to have used their deviant methods to somehow convince the General Assembly into believing that the designated terrorist supporting Khalistani group are the victims. 

Bearing the above points in mind, I request the honorable General Assembly to please retract (or nullify) the aforementioned citation.


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Signatures: 829Next Goal: 1,000
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