Government funding for Canadian men in need request

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Men in need deserve government funding 

It's time for the Canadian government and our provincial governments to provide a support network of resources and housing for men in need. Funding for trauma, abuse, fathers, men's transitional housing and men with children housing is required. 

In Canada, men are most often on the 'bad' side of statistics in categories tracked by Statistics Canada. Men are mostly to kill themselves by suicide, to commit crime or be jailed, to be an addict, to become homeless, to lose custody, to have been bullied, to be injuried or die on the job, to die at war, to suffer mental health, suffer from disease or chronic pain, to die early, to have been severely abused as a child and on and on. We need resources to help men better deal with these situations. 

Limited resources for men in Canada

There are only 3 men's resource centres in all of Canada due to lack of funding. These resource centers encourage community health by providing mens programs and giving men a place to find the resources they need. Men in need require a place to go with services designed for them. The 'man up' approach or taking pills from our health care system often doesn't work. Transitional and supportive housing for men during difficult times is pretty much nonexistent other than shelters, most of which do not allow children because there are drug users there. 

What are the benefits of men's resource centres?

Men's resource centres provide counseling for men in need during any situation in life. They are generally run by social workers, counselors and volunteers. Programs for any of the major issues men face are offered at mens centres. Those struggling can get help with clothes or boots for work. Booklets and pamphlets are available on several topics. Affordable men with children housing for low income single dads or men with disabilities can be provided by mens resource centres. Supervised access visits for children can be arranged when court requested. Single dad programs from mens centres help create better fathers. Divorce and separation programs are available during high stress times. If there is any place a man can find all the different resources a community offers, it is at men's resource centres such as in Nanaimo, BC. 

By signing this petition you are supporting:

1) Government funding for services to support men of domestic violence, counselling, safe houses, single dad housing, trauma services, prevention education and non-violent communication programs.

2) Providing services to men and their families experiencing separation and divorce, such as supervised access, counselling, parent support, parent coordinator services and mediation. 

3) The development of additional mens resource centres across Canada, to provide the services listed above that are suited to mens needs in each community.

If you believe Canadians need these services for men and annual funding should be budgeted for men in need, please sign this petition and pass it on.

We all benefit from supporting men in need.