Request for WNBA to suspend Brittney Griner!

Request for WNBA to suspend Brittney Griner!

July 6, 2022
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Started by Mike S

In February of 2022, Brittney Griner, a player in the WNBA was legally arrested for importing illegal drugs, know as hashish oil, into a foreign country. This is not Griners first arrest, it is reported that she has now been arrested in multiple countries around the globe from domestic abuse to drug charges. 

Griner could stand up and face the charges for her crimes but instead is reaching out through herself and others with attempts to get "Entitlement Privileges." She is pleading with people in power and influence which includes the President of the United States, requesting to save her from a lawful trial for her alleged crimes. In a letter to the President, she claims how she misses her Olympic Jersey, an obvious attempt to remind the President she was on the Olympic Team in order to get special treatment an entitlement not available to other people in the world who may have committed this same crime.

We the People of the United States of America are embarrassed for not only her alleged crimes, both past and present, but also for attempts and beliefs that she should be a recipient of "Entitlement Privileges" simply because she is a leading player in the WNBA.

We Americans know the struggle all women have endured to create women sports and its women like this that destroy all that those women have worked for spanning several generations. If the WNBA wants to be taken serious as a legitimate and professional sport then they must act in a professional manner and immediately take actions against Griner.

There are millions of little girls growing up and watching one of their heroes requesting a bail out from her crimes. These kids need to know that even superstars must face their punishment for their crimes or we will endure future generations of adults believing they can commit heinous crimes and someone will be there to get them off.

Therefore, We the People of the United States of America are requesting that the WNBA immediately review and announce a suspension not less than one year for Brittney Griner that shall begin upon release and return to the United States. 

We the petitioners are prepared to avoid and or/reduce any business with the following list of merchants as well as immediately submit them a copy of this petition as we believe the WNBA is not acting responsible in this matter. Had this been any other major professional sport in the nation, we believe action would have been taken by now. Players in leagues around the nation are routinely suspended for traces of legal or illegal drugs just in their system let alone caught illegally importing drugs into a country where it is known to be illegal.

Thank You,
Citizens of the United States

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Signatures: 109Next Goal: 200
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