Request for V​.​2​.​0 Firmware Update for Sony FX3

Request for V​.​2​.​0 Firmware Update for Sony FX3

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The Sony FX3 "ILME-FX3" was released on February 23, 2021. This entry point into the Sony Cinema Camera System is a widely popular camera used by thousands upon thousands of videographers and content creators to produce amazing content that is enjoyed by people all over the world. 

Since the Sony FX3s release firmware advancements have been made to other cameras below the FX3's price point in the Alpha line of cameras and also with cameras in the Cinema line -- the line that the Sony FX3 is placed into. 


- On January 13, 2022 Sony released firmware update V.2.0 for the Sony FX6. This update brought a slew of enhancements to the Fx6, such as:

  1. Breathing Compensation
  2. Picture Cache Recording

- The Sony A7IV the successor to the A7III went on sale on December 2021. That camera priced at $2,499 also includes capabilities not found in the Sony FX3 such as

  1. Breathing Compensation
  2. Autofocus Tracking for animals/birds in photo/video mode

- Additionally, Sony's competitors have not just caught up, but have surpassed the Sony's FX3's capabilities, all on the software side of things, for example:

  1. Canon R5C a Sony FX3 competitor, is a mirrorless camera that has a Cinema badge, much like the FX3. This camera is in the same price point but has improvements such as Shutter Angle, Wave Forms, False Color, Custom LUTs, etc.
  2. GH6, another Sony FX3 Competitor, is a micro four-thirds mirrorless camera that also is video-centric. This camera also contains Shutter Angle, False Color, DCI, WaveForms, etc. 

That said, it seems like the Sony FX3 has been pushed to the wayside, put at the bottom of the list of "importance" when it comes to firmware updates, which it absolutely should not. This camera is less than a year and a half old and yet it has received zero firmware updates

As such, this petition is to bring light, to show Sony there is a strong community of FX3 shooter were are wishing for Sony to improve the FX3 cameras they invested in and love. 

Besides the firmware improvements made to the other cameras in the mirrorless and cinema line, we believe that this camera, having the "CINEMA" badge of honor should also have some "CINEMA" tools... features that are expected when someone purchases a cinema camera. These features include shutter angle, DCI recording, and True 24p.

Following is a list of suggestions for a firmware v.2.0 update for the Sony FX3:

  1. Breathing Compensation
  2. Animals/birds autofocus tracking in photo/video mode
  3. Picture Cache Recording
  4. DCI recording mode
  5. Shutter Angle
  6. WaveForm
  7. True 24






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