Return of Diplomatic Personnel to the United States Embassy in Cuba. Activation (CFRP).

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We address with great respect the decision makers: Honorable Officials of the Senate, Officials of Congress, Diplomatic Personnel of the Department of State in charge of immigration, Diplomatic Personnel of the Presidential Cabinet as Administration and the Honorable President of the United States of America: Joe Biden. It is requested: The reopening of the United States Embassy in Cuba as an immediate priority. Faced with any inconvenience or further delay due to the current crisis, an urgent option is requested to activate the United States Interests Section (SINA) in Havana, Cuba. Best express: Request for the return of Diplomatic Personnel to the United States Embassy in Cuba. Activation (CFRP): We request the immediate activation of the CFRP Benefits Program for Cubans in Family Reunification Processes and the updating of all ongoing processes. Reasons: Attention is requested to this request, because these processes have been managed and financed during the current laws that protect them from a country that respects all rights: human, civil and political: the United States. Citizens and future resident citizens suffer from the absence of their children and have been asking for years for family reunification to be resumed to take them home in times of pandemic. It is an abuse to expose family members claimed through another embassy by a third country (Guyana) with a staff deficit, exposing themselves to the high costs of accommodation, crime and the pandemic ... They in Cuba suffer discrimination for being involved in immigration procedures ... Many were deactivated from their studies to grant their degrees to other Cuban students, due to the absolute certainty in the immediacy of their procedures through the Probation Program (CFRP). The position of the Cuban regime will never be adequate with the beneficiaries involved in the migratory processes. Beneficiaries waiting for a solution in Cuba are always at risk in every way. Note that the Cuban Family Reunification is paying all the consequences without being the culprits. Waiting for a response with an immediate solution for so many families suffering from separation, a cordial greeting from: "POLITICAL MOVEMENT FOR THE ACTIVATION OF CUBA-USA CONSULAR SERVICES AND THE SUMMARY OF THE PAROLE PROGRAM (CFRP).