Request for Public Hearing - P/N SAC 2020-00284

Request for Public Hearing - P/N SAC 2020-00284

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Started by Vincent Felix

Sunset Shores Neighborhood Petition

Refence Number P/N SAC 2020-00284

Subject: Request for Public Hearing

This letter is to notify the Corps and SCDHEC of our request for a Public Hearing on the proposed Pedestrian Bridge Project, Reference Number P/N SAC 2020-00284.

We are requesting a Public Hearing on this matter, on the grounds that the current plan for the Pedestrian Bridge will block the navigability of our creek and cause significant economic losses and damages to our properties. 

We are requesting a Public Hearing in order to have an open conversation with the decision makers of this project and the officials evaluating the permit application.

There must be an alternative way to build the bridge without driving pilings into the creek. That’s the open conversation we want to have. 

Our other reasons are as follows:

1.     Placing two massive pilings into the mouth of our creek will cause an unnatural buildup of mud and sediment. The placement of the pilings will block the natural flow of the water in and out of the creek.

2.     The pilings will also affect the navigability in and out of the creek. We fear we will be unable to take our boats in and out after the pilings are placed. 

3.     It will cause significant economic loss and damages, that is a decrease in property values, to not only our property but all property located in Sunset Shores. We paid for a home with access via a creek to the Intracoastal Waterway. If our access to the Stono River is removed it will cause a significant decrease in value of our properties. The ability to enjoy the creek and the recreation provided by access to the Intracoastal Waterway/Stono River is the major reason we chose to purchase property in this neighborhood. This construction will adversely impact the recreation we currently enjoy and our way of life.

4.     Our neighborhood is very close-knit, tightly united, and connected. Much of that connection comes from our common the love of the creek and what it provides. During the summer months we have monthly creek meets. Where we get floats and meet in the creek to spend time together. We will be unable to host such gatherings if the sediment starts to build up.

5.     We also enjoy fishing on a weekly basis. We have great concerns regarding how the pilings will impact the habitat of the critical wetlands marsh and creek. 

6.     Our Creek was given the name Sunset Creek for a reason. There is a beautiful sunset every day and we love taking our kayaks out on our creek to enjoy the stunning sunsets which have been a tradition on the creek for many years. We want to see that continue not just through our lives but for generations to come. 

We are residents of the Sunset Shores Neighborhood. If our community and our creek are not taken into consideration when this Pedestrian Bridge is being built, we fear that the livability of our homes, docks, waterway, and way of life will be directly affected by this project and the impact will be detrimental.  

If you agree with this request for a Public Hearing please sign the online petition. 

35 have signed. Let’s get to 50!