Request Executive Clemency for Robert J Williams or Pardon Him for his Unjust Conviction.

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 The People of The State of New York VS. Robert Williams Bronx County Indictment Number 3302-97

  The moral fiber of the police department has declined and descended upon the lives in communities across the United States. Justice is a mirage in the desert of the judicial system. Many men and women were exonerated after serving decades; 20, 30, and 40 years......just to be clothed in the the hollow apologies whispered by the people that scarred them for life. where is the justice? Its seem as if it is just us (The People)!

 On May 21, 1997, A young man by the name of Umar Hamilton was murdered in the bronx section of New York City. Robert was in the area at the time. Robert- Upon noticing a police vehicle as  he turned the corner, was the one who reported the gun shots and directed the police officer's attention to where he heard the shots where coming from. Amazingly, shortly after, the police arrested Robert. To justify the false arrest, the police claimed to have witnessed Robert with a gun. So they pursued and arrested him.

       At the precinct the officers set up a video recording and told Robert to make a statement confessing to the murder of Umar Hamilton. Robert refused, this refusal is recorded on tape. The police then cut the tape off and began beating Robert, repeatedly telling him the beating would continue until he confessed to the shooting.

    Ultimately, in the statement prepared by the police, Robert made a statement essentially saying he noticed a car that was set on fire and he saw the victim Umar Hamilton running away from the car. So he chased him and shot him. Robert also stated he shot and innocent by-stander, Ms. Linda Hodge, in the buttocks.

     Immediately thereafter Robert told his attorney the police beat him and coerced him into making a false statement. Throughout the entire proceeding Robert staunchly maintained his innocence.

    The false confession is the ONLY evidence against Robert.

    > Robert Grant, the police officer who beat Robert into making the confession, denied beating Robert, at the trial, when asked would he admit to doing it, he stated, " MAYBE, MAYBE NOT". It depends on what i did, I don't want to lose my job...


   > Despite Robert being arrested immediately after the crime was committed, no gun shot residue test was conducted.


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